Learn How To Master Dota 2

Who is Jeff?

I was playing at the Ancient bracket for years. I would hover around the 4k bracket since I recall myself. I was actually stuck there. Literally stuck. Occasionally, I would hit 5k and then…BOOM
Lose Streak.

The hardest thing is that I felt I had to figure out everything on my own. I didn’t know my problem. People were telling me to have more farm or stack more. That is not a game plan.

I watched my MMR skyrocketing to 6k and eventually to 7k, once I was justifying everything I was doing. A friend suggested starting helping others achieve better results, just like I did myself.

Think about the games

Let us take an simple example that we get to see often in our games.
Phantom Lancer with a classic support(CM, Lich) versus Beastmaster with a strong position 4(Lina, Skywrath Mage, Dark Willow)

Beastmaster has a level 6 power spike. With a hero like Lina the moment he has level 6, the safelaner is in big trouble. Phantom Lancer has also a level 6 power spike. This will allow him to go to the jungle and dodge the Beastmaster’s big level 6 power spike. This whole laning stage is all about who is going to hit level 6 faster.

Phantom Lancer should ask his position 5 to stack and pull the small camp to deny as much EXP as he can while he leaches the minimum amount of exp while at the same time he should also give the call to block the big camp. In case Beastmaster gets the level 6 before Phantom Lancer most likely he will kill him or force him to go to the jungle at level 5 which is really slow and ineffective.

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