Step by Step Training for YOUR Sucess

Video Training
Learn the fundamentals and the concepts for every position, that you need to apply in order have the best possible start.

Zero to Hero Concept
Understand the concepts you should apply on every hero category in the laning stage.

10+2 Programm Weeks
It is designed is such a way that you even if you lack a lot of aspects of the game or want to learn other positions that you are unfamiliar with, you will improve your game understanding, your thought process and your decision making.

Personal (Group) Coaching by Raza

Replay Analysis
Every week we review your games, starting slowly from the laning stage -> middle game, improving your mechanics, lane and middle game understanding through questions that the student needs to answer himself.

Exclusive Discord Group
A private group where students can ask all their questions about matchups, item builds and the best ways. We are available 24/7 to make sure that you improve daily.

Weekly assignments
Every week, you will have tasks that you need to excecute in your games, to slowly add new concepts and things into your game while you remove your old habbits.

Mindset & Communication Training

Weekly games
Weekly playing with better players to make sure that you receive a "taste" of higher MMR games

Get to know you
Recording your games to review them and give you feedback. The more we know about you, the more we can help you

Being the leader in your games, giving the correct decisions, shot calling, leading your team to victory


I disagree with the idea that just watching a replay and pointing out mistakes is the best way of coaching. Imagine you have a coaching session of 60 to 120minutes. The problem with this way of teaching, like in everything else in life is:

  1. The student gets overwhelmed by the amount of information, gets tired, and will hardly be able to apply all these things together at once

  2. Pointing out a mistake does not mean that the student will be able to fix this problem

  3. Understanding a concept or pointing a wrong idea does not mean that you can apply it to your games

What is the most efficient method of Coaching ?

  1. Slowly building up the game and improving at it. Starting from mechanics to laning stage, to thought process and decision making.

  2. Consistency and repetition. It is the only way to constantly add and apply new concepts into your game slowly until it becomes muscle memory, making sure that you will apply them in the longterm run.

  3. Playing with better players to see how it feels to play with players above your rank and feel how much harder it is to win a higher-level game.

For what kind of people is @RC Coaching ?

How can Coaching help you?

How to have access.

Dota coach apply

Apply at Dota @RC Coaching

This type of coaching with Raza is an intense program that requires a lot of effort from you, and a lot of time from us. That means we get to choose a few people that fulfill completely the criteria. As a result, to become a member of Dota @RC Coaching you need to apply to join. It is not enough just to have the money.

video call

My team will contact with you and call you

A person from my team or me personally will call your through a video call to discuss with you about your situation, analyze your struggles, talk about your milestones, the issues you have with and the things that hold you back from achieving your goals.


We get to choose who we would to work with us

If we find out that you are a perfect match for us, and that you are suitable for the program, we will contact you again to start your journey to improvement. The sits are limited, and unfortunately, not everybody can be accepted.